Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am in the process of redoing my boys' rooms. I have to be creative and not do both rooms with sports. So, one room is sports and the other is skater. I projected the images onto the wall, traced them and then painted them in. I am very happy with the way they are turning out. I will be sure to post the finished rooms.

We were introduced to a new place called Jump Street. My boys had a blast! Even my 1 yr old loved jumping. They also have the inflatable bouncies. Fun, fun.

Our beautiful Bailey. This is our babysitter Bailey. We had to go see her all done up before she left to pick up her date for the dance. She looked like a princess. My boys thought she was a "hottie". We are glad they just think of her like a sister.

My funny handsome husband! Brian likes to have fun at work, so he decided to dress up for his team meeting. He wanted to go shopping at the thrift store to find some clothes. I told him there was no need to go shopping, we just went to my dads closet. We found three really good outfits, and they all fit him perfectly. I am sure he will find somewhere to wear the others. He even had the right music to go along with it. I had to get pictures to show my parents. My dad had no idea they were even his clothes. He was shocked he was ever that thin to fit into them.
Now that Christmas is over and the boys get to see their dad again, we loaded the kids up and took them to Lego Land. What a perfect time to go. We felt like we had the whole park to ourselves. It sure is nice to be able to stay on a ride and ride it over and over. We had a great vacation.

Happy New Year!
January 1st was such a beautiful day we had to get outside. We took the boys to the desert and had a picnic and rode bikes and the quad. Only in Arizona can you have a day like that in January.

Merry Christmas
Grandma Hunt gave all the boys pj's and knitted them all booties for Christmas eve. They were so cute we had to take a few pictures. I told the boy to show me their booties, Sam obviously thought I ment his back side. He looks a little confused in the top picture. We also jumped in the car and went to visit the Grandparents. (Notice the tree in the back, maybe next year I will get to decorate the whole thing.)

We had a fun party for Sam's 3rd birthday. He got every animal you could possibly imagine. He was one happy boy. Happy birthday buddy we love you!

For Halloween the whole family dressed up. We were all characters from Star Wars. My neighbor took pictures of us, I just keep forgetting to ask her to send them to me. I will be sure to update this as soon as I get those. Brian was Han Solo, I was Princess Leah, Jake and Cole were Clone troopers, Max was Anikan Skywalker, Sam was Darth Vader, and Brig was Chewbacca. It was the first year Brian and I have ever dressed up. It was fun.

Happy Birthday Giggs!
My baby is already 1yr old! Wow time flys. We had to celebrate Brigs birthday in the morning before the boys left for school and mom left out of town. He didn't care for the cup cake first thing in the morning. Happy birthday baby!

Congrats on the Baptism Max! Max was glad to be able to share this special day with his good buddy Karson. They both missed their soccer team pictures and a game, but they didn't care too much.
We enjoyed a nice day at the Zoo with our good friends the Housleys. It was good for their daughted Anna to get out after spending over a month in the hospital. Sam loved seeing all the animals in real life. He is obsessed with animals and can tell you what everyone is.